x March 25: Welcome back! Canis has officially reopened; read more about the changes here. There is an active World Event you can find here. Have fun!
Please complete this interest check survey by April 6! If players do not specify that they wish to continue managing their packs by this time, they will be disbanded. If you have any concerns or wish to discuss anything, please reach out to myself or another staff member.

Reclaimed Roots

Reclaimed Roots

A tree has long taken over these buildings as its roots now dig in to reclaim what was once stolen from it. Falling debris is a constant worry within these buildings despite how inviting they may seem. Wild dogs seem to be drawn here through sheer instinct as if something calls for them. Chickens call this place home and roost in many hard to reach places.

Labyrinthian believes in the superiority of wolves above all else. A lawful evil pack, (who considers themselves to be lawful good), that seeks to charismatically gain supporters to indoctrinate them into the fold.

Academically inclined, wolves of Labyrinthian seek to push themselves to mastery in their chosen field of study. Laziness, complacency, and idleness are not tolerated. All must be working towards self-betterment.

The systematic cleansing of non-wolf carnivores is the cult's main goal.

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