The northern wind our soul, these rivers our veins, and those mountaintops the pinnacle of our minds. The lake is our heart, our blood the water and we but the voice — the keeper of the gate at the tundrian throat of the world, awaiting the ferryman to return us to what is old and what is known.

This pack has disbanded.

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 Fortitude and kinship are especially cherished in Evenrise. They are set in place to maintain tight-knit familial bonds in order for the tribe to endure together through the harsh unpredictability of the natural world. With each new member, there is an opening for a new story; but if one cannot earn their life within this tribe, then one is left behind. Although far from being just a haven to most, Evenrise does not suffer easily those who remain willingly ignorant to their borders and those who engage in violent, unchecked feuds. For them, it is better to risk the safety of an innocent, instead of tempting a threat to all alone.

CLOUDREST, THE MNTs ∙ Gatekeepers to the Tundra, Evenrise is isolationist & comports itself neutrally (See map here)

we need adults pls

none atm

none atm
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The Crowned
Known also as the Allmother regardless of sex, the Vala is the sole guiding force of Evenrise, managing both domestic and foreign offenses against the tribe and its people. As fierce as they are fair, they are accompanied by their severely trusted, carefully chosen companion known as the palantír. Although an Allmother will allow collaborative discussion on matters of treaties, trades, and turmoil, their word is final. To cross them without just reason is considered unwise.
Currently held & unchallenged by@Riannon
The Coveted
Believed to have greater insight into the gods-plain than the regular wolf due to a makeup of both sexes. Although palantír may act as a vessel through which the gods speak, they walk the hermit's path, and must harbor little to no earthly attachments to keep their foresight cleansed and their commitment true. They may take no mate, nor bear any children, as they are the cornerstone that the tribe hinges their last hope upon.
Currently held by : N / A
The Chosen
These are the respected teachers of a particular trade; those who have been voted into position by the people. Maesters have reached beyond what has been expected of them to serve as sources of knowledge and caution to any who approach them with concerns about their chosen study. Apprenticeships are always welcomed and needed.

N / A, Húrohyandō
 N / A, Väijyvät
 N / A, Ungoliantë
 N / A, Unenpitäjä
 N / A, Áraedelō
 N / A, Tienlukija
 N / A, Tintállë

The Courtiers
The Courtiers are the beating wardrum heart of Evenrise; the Allmother has tried and tested them all, made sure the vindication of their self-value, and has found them willing to chance everything that is unknown and make this pack their hearth and home. If there is no maester to head a particular craft, a courtier may be suggested to the Allmother with the general approval of other commonfolk.

- The Mbandō : tba
 - The Matkailija : @Valtyr
 - The Unuhuinë : tba
 - The Anáronya : tba
 - The Unelmoija : @Eira, tba
 - The Sutyaeques : @Irura, tba
 - The Vihreänäkijä : @Olive, @Asamir,
The Constant
The youths are the knotwork that hold the tribe together; all are precious and loved most savagely. Everyone knows not to worry if a child goes missing for several hours at a time; mothers know that if theirs is out of sight, it isn't far from another's who wouldn't protect it instinctively. The children of Evenrise understand, early: they must be as hardy as they are heartfelt.

- The Huutaa : none
 - Our Estaina : none
 - Our Qisiqiri : @Rosal, @Rauha, @Rourke, @Rurik
The Considered & *Cast-oft
The outlanders, the as-of-yet unknowns, and those who have been omitted from their place in the tribe. Unless one is a visiting ally or a healing tenant, these wolves are watched by wary eyes and judged often. They will not find favor in the faces of those around them only until ( and if ) they have surpassed their designated trial. There is little to no handholding, here: if a wolf cannot dare the unfeeling distance, then they cannot forge their own path to where they deserve to be, and thus will not find a place amongst the rest.

- All Toiveikas : tba
 - All Aiano : tba
 - All Vieras : @Thraximundar
  - *Úlaitima : none
  - *Etelendā : none

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2nd may 2022: traditions && beliefs coming soon! if u have any questions pls DM me. i left some members out bc i need to ask oocly what u would like them to be but i promise i'll add them to the ranks when i get a chance asdkjfgsa



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