Dragonford Isles

Homeage to northern shores, these wolves who pride themselves as dragons of the coast live with honor and pride. United as they are, fearsome as the tides they call home, and lay similar to rituals that an ancient race gave olden wolf clans. Hidden within their leviathan waters, they welcome any who wish to renew their life upon a nickname, and wish to take their trails.

This pack has disbanded.
Dragonford Isles






An order of those who follow the will of the dragons, they claim Leviathans Sepulcher but take Behemoth's Brim as their hunting grounds, although it has an open-border policy, and more used to secure their caches. The sub-territories can be found HERE. Solitary in form, as they do not seek out for alliances and recruitments unless there are dire needs to be done. They strive for close trust and bonds, and deem those worthy of such faith to join upon them as a friend, or but just an ally. Their goal is to focus on the strength of body and soul, from the teachings that were left behind from the ancients, as they form bonds between each other.

12.04.2022 Struck by overwhelming grief, Olympia-Elune and Ghost have both said farewell to dragonford. They will be missed and we hope their journey onward is safe. May they soon find solace, whether in this life or the next.

12.03.2022 The dragons have returned home and brought with them the body of their fallen leader. As tradition demands, Vendrussel will be taken and buried by the sea. Her life and fearless leadership will always be remembered and honored. Absinthe has taken lead of the procession and waits for his packmates to join him in saying farewell. Once the ceremony has ended, everyone will be given due time to mourn before those of the isle will be called again to speak of their future.

October 2022 We welcome Loki who is dubbed as the Lightning Dragon! Shortly after, the call of the court has begun. Every wolf within Dragonford has been taken to Elsewhen for the trails concerning the war between Northfall and Dragonford. Advised to keep calmly and without aggression, for many packs have arrived to the scene that include one's thought for future alliances, or otherwise future enemies.

September 2022 A few members had gone missing with no traces.. Nothing harmful has been suspected, and simply asked to keep an eye out for any news of their well-being. On the other news, a fox named Saxa has joined, and a wolf named Villentretenmerth has arrived with the nickname, the thunder dragon!

July 2022 Boars! On the borders they attacked, and war is declared upon them realizing they have kidnapped members from other packs. Vendrussel leads some to fight them and save those members. In the meanwhile, Dragonford also welcomes it's newest recruit, Asmund! He is nicknamed as the 'stone dragon.' As well as picked up Valtyr's half-sibling, Rosal.

During the boar attack they lost Belial. A funeral is held within his honor, and border patrols increase.

June 2022 After a series of events, Vendrussel declares she is tired of this war. She heeds to all of Dragonford to listen to her request to minimize any damage between Northfall and themselves. She hopes soon that there will be peace. We as well congratulate many promotions from The Tail, to the Spine. Alongside that we welcome Valtyr, as the frost dragon! Absinthe joins our ranks as well, a member who disappeared one day and has returned by the sea itself. He is dubbed as 'the dark dragon.' Then we say goodbye to Kei, who left on good terms and will always be welcomed back and in arms to request help. We wish her a safe journey to wherever she goes next.

May 2022 Serenity, and the newly adopted child, are no longer with Dragonford. They are not enemies, however they will not be allowed back within Dragonford at any time within the future, help may vary. We then welcome Campion and Vedette to the ranks! Respectfully they are under the nicknames of 'Arctic,' and 'Dusk.'

April 2022 We welcome Dreadnought, Serenity, Dream, and Jun to the ranks of Dragonford! Within order, 'storm,' 'earthheart,' and 'cosmic,' 'sea,' as their respective nicknames. As well as introducing two children that are welcomed to The Heart of the ford. May all be welcomed within the sepulcher!

March 2022 — Aarkon has called for a pack meeting concerning the facts about the war, including the death of Northfall's young!

December 2021 — A vulture can be seen at the island, and the Alpha claims they are off-limit to hunt, and can count them as 'member.'

November 2021 — Dragonford and Northfall are enemies, to see another is to fight and ward away.

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The Path of the Dragon
A crucial core of the group is the pathway to enlightenment, and the way to reincarnation. It is believed in Draghoda lore that wolves 'dance' among each other through their skills to gain pathway to the heavens itself, where the ancients will guide their souls to the next life. Through this though, they believe that no one is alone in the world, and everyone has a partner. Romantically or platonically, to cover weakness you did not know you have and forge bonds that even the dragons themselves will look fondly upon, is the goal of a dualism, to achieve reincarnation. Those who master these are often thought to be fearless, for knowing they are safe within the next life, they show no fear in death itself.

The Dive
To become a full-fledged member, one must take The Dive off of their sacred cliff with currently no name. To them, it is the sacrifice to take to join them, trusting in fate and the waters below itself that they will be safe. They matter not who saves near the end, for all they care for is to take the dive itself, and fall into the water. Those who do become full-fledged members, but those who have not will not be able to go to the isle unless specific circumstances does so. Furthermore, each one surviving through the trial will be given a 'nickname' or a 'code name' followed by what the current Alpha believes they stand for. Likewise, though who turn away from the dive, are then outcasted, and told of no hope to try and rejoin.

In Dragonford, they follow the same ranks and culture from Draghoda lore. Though their culture is not extremely forced, it is still a core feature within the group. They no longer continue to wholly focus upon warriors though, and the pathway now extends to every 'skill' that one may have, it's only important to further believe in oneself, and follow the pathway. Those who climb the path of the dragon achieve a higher status in body and soul, and become well-valued members. To travel through is a mixture of activity, participation, and skills itself.

Each wolf has the same respect and trust despite how far they have gone. All is cherished, and a dragon regardless if following the path. Though who have not taken the dive are not permitted onto the isle and yet given a rank. Likewise, though who are brand new members and part of the tail are asked to rotate on guard duty and stay on the outskirts of the isle or the shore itself.


The Head
Their main role is to lead and be the face of the group, while may or may not have a partner, they are often chosen from either the previous head, or the group altogether in believing their strength. It is said an unjust leader can be overthrown at any point, the dragons do not tolerate an unstable and unsuitable leader.

The Breath
Chosen by the Alpha themselves, with or without a pair. Though if the current Beta does not have a pair, no one else will be promoted, and is waiting for the current Beta to choose his partner. They are often the ones to directly report issues to the head, and at times, they are trusted to make calls when the Alpha is not around.

The Fangs
  Dragon Masters, the fangs are those who have gained the highest honor. The most trusted within the group through not only skill themselves, but what they have proven to the ford. They are carefully selected, and given specific tasks and rituals by the head themself to achieve this. Most trusted in both, and the pinnacle of a bond. Both partners require expert to achieve this rank.
  N/A + N/A

The Claw
Those who entered the clay have reached 'till death do they part' with another dragon. An unspeakable bond that has been brought forth to gain that of 'The Path of the Dragon,' and are asked to do another trial - though it varies from group to group. Those within this tier are bonded through, and are awaiting to achieve a higher status within the ford. Both partners need a specialty for this rank.
 N/A + N/A

The Hand
Though who wish to go further up the body of the dragon and achieve a higher enlightenment in life and in rank. This is proving those who get specialties within their skills and desire to go further into completing a mastery of so ; at the hand, they are the beginning. To prove one skills to the Alpha themselves they shall enter the trials, yet, it is also the place who have no gained a partner. To continue onto the path the tier must find someone they truly can call a partner, through life and death itself. You need a base skill to achieve this rank.

The Spine
 Those who have gained trust within the group and have shown their worth. Counted as full-fledged, they are under the dragons protection. Welcomed fully to the island they may roam as they so please and take duties lighter, though still expected to contribute. Though they have yet to start any trials to lead up to higher ranks, or simply chooses not to continue within a skill tree. Regardless of so, they may not achieve a higher ranking within the ford,
 — Jun
 — Campion
 — Absinthe
 — Vedette

The Tail
New members that have been received, and have taken the dive off of the cliff ; The Dragon's Call. It is the trial of acceptance, and only once one truly does will they belong to the ford, and may call themselves a dragon. Though they are not completely trusted, counted as an outsider and an able body - they are expected to prove themselves by loyalty and guardian ship of their land altogether.

The Scales
The unexpected, non-wolven members. They hold an honoree title, not bound by the dragons path or ways and yet treated like one of the ford. These members are often allowed to roam where they please without little direction, however they depending on species can be a helpful part that comes with the work. Predator or prey, they are deemed unhuntable and to be respected as so.
  Olympia-Elune Aurelia

The Heart
The heart of the group and known as the eventual future, they are those born within the ford, or brought into at a very young age. They are given certain tasks to do as they prepare themselves for the ceremony, and often required to be given training during a young age to shape their body and soul - though that depends on the parents. Upon a year-old will they graduate, and require to take a dive upon their sacred cliff, otherwise known as the Dragon's Call.
  Mirchë : caretaker Valtyr

The Blinded
A rank given to those who are punished, prisoners, or those who have lost respect from the group. Every sentence is a different case, some may have dishonored their partner, the group, or even the leaders. They are the lowest of the low, and in other terms is an Omega, of the group. They are no longer a dragon, and to return as one is a case by case scenario, some, in the end may be casted out.

The Honored
Here lies the fallen members that have passed away due to misc. reasons. Per' customs, their bodies will be brought to the darkest, and deepest waters they can find to let their body float adrift to sink, and be embraced by the depth of the sea. Remembered, and to honor.

 Belial, the Reborn Dragon ; died by boar.

 Vendrussel, the Northern Dragon ; died by thunderstrike


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