Ciudad Muerta (discovering)

Ciudad Muerta (discovering)

Sitting at the edge of wastelands lies an abandoned mining town. Whatever was mined in the shafts dug into the sides of the hills isn't known. The town itself is littered with lop-sided wooden buildings, including a two-story saloon with a veranda. An old well marks the beginning of the town, long dried up and notable only for the amount of rust collected on the bucket that hangs above. Beyond the central area are littered country homes with who knows what lying dusted and decrepit within.


This location was discovered by our members!

Application thread
Application Thread

Point Logs

Submitted Awarded
+5 submitted by Elazar 12-28-2021 Awarded by Zina 12-30-2021
+4 submitted by Exalted 11-07-2021 Awarded by Zina 11-10-2021
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