The Gods of Old

— Created By Vami

The Gods of Old is an established religion and way of knowing practiced since the dawn of the ages for those beyond Canis in the lands of Torbine

The gods consist of the Sun God, Moon Goddess, Goddess of Earth "Mother Nature/Earth" and the Water God. Many years ago, the gods of old created wolves at will, to walk as mortals with their brethren as leaders, protectors, healers and lovers...

The following are a collection of stories considered common knowledge among their followers and worshipers...

The Ancient Dire Wolves
One of the oldest stories, if not the oldest, is the tale of two ancient dire wolves known as Deihera Sunshadow and Tenochi Seaswept.

Once upon a time, the Sun God and Moon Goddess came together to create a beautiful female by the name of Deihera Sunshadow. Mother Earth and the God of Seas, impressed and admiring of the Sun and Moon's work, created a wolf of their own, Tenochi Seaswept. Though not created side-by-side, the pair seemed destined to meet — even beyond the will of the Gods. As typical story fashion, the pair fell in love. When the Sun God found this out, his rage knew no bounds, for Tenochi was not good enough for his beloved daughter.

He burned the land and burned Tenochi down with it. Deihera, stricken with both grief for the loss of her love and guilt from what her father had done, drowned herself in the churning tides of the Sea. Both lovers, with their last dying wish, promised one another that in one lifetime or another they would find each other again.

* Within the Whispering Isles of the Seacrest family, this tale has been passed down from generation to generation.

Romanov Archer
There is then the story of Romanov Archer — the first of his name. A tall tale that has been passed around from generation to generation by parents, storytellers, teachers and priestess alike.

Romanov, the very first Archer to step foot into the lands of Torbine and take the throne as his own, was created by the gods themselves. It happened when the sun and moon collided (an eclipse), creating a storm and engulfing the land in darkness and when he was birthed, he was brought down from the sky by a lightening bolt which struck the sands along the great waters. They say that Romanov's teeth could snap together and flashed like lightening, making his foes fall onto their bellies and that his paws would pound the earth so hard and loud into battle, that it sounded like thunder.
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