The Wayfarers

A banded group of wolves without a permanent residence, and a slight desire to see elsewhere. Momentarily claiming lands for safety within their numbers — the group splits and travels together often, for a strength to gain within their numbers. They may not truly claim a land, but will temporary protect over it especially as the group holds a variety of young and old, and wants harm to none of their kind.
— Currently overprotective of claim due to young

This pack has disbanded.
The Wayfarers


Acronym: TWF
Founded: 16/08/2021

Allies: None
Tentative Allies: None
Hostile: None
Due to distrust of packs, the Wayfarers are simply a group of wanderers who stick to one another for protection and companionship. They are nomads who wander the lands of Canis where members are free to come and go as they please as there is no pledging loyalty to the group or leaders to please.


Since there are no leaders, joining The Wayfarers is different than traditional packs. Individuals who wish to join must ask each adult within the group and gain each of their trust in order to travel with the group.


02-25-2022 The Wayfarers was disbanded
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