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An extension of their own families, Shiroshika strives for close bonds. They believe you do not need to be related by blood in order to be seen as family and treated as such. The royal family is tasked with putting the well-being and the safety of its civilians above all else. As a whole strive for peace, and though welcoming to those in need, are slow to trust due to past experiences that have left them dubious toward those they don't know. They have become secretive, preferring to keep to themselves as well as keeping close relations with packs with whom they have become allies, treating them as though they were an extension of Shiroshika.


March 25th, 2023 | Changes! Following the board-wide time freeze, much has changed within Shiroshika. Several members of the pack have disappeared or been displaced -

S H I R O S H I K A 

“ Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding. ”

She·Roh·she·ka (white deer)
Acronym: SS
Founded: 13/07/2021
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
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Current Leaders
Empress: Reiko aén Fidháil 13/07/2021
Emperor: Quicksilver aén Fidháil 02/06/2022
Princess: Hotaru Izuka 13/07/2021
Prince: Haruki Izuka 01/09/2022
Kuhn, Valmúa, and Vera. Additional info found here.

Unaffiliated Allies

Pack Relations
Allies: Vanderfell Woods
Friendly: Haldis (ally WIP)
Official Claim

Unofficial Claim

What We Need
- More male wolves. We have plenty of single females
- More warrior types to help keep the pack safe. Due to recent events, Shiroshika doesn't feel safe and we need more guardian types to help our current ones before they are overworked.
- More married couples. Most of our ranks are for pairs, and they do not need to be male/female couples to gain those ranks.

This means that due to certain IC circumstances, it is considered unwise to plan a litter but not forbidden. Since the lands have suddenly changed and the whereabouts of Kuhn and his acolytes are unknown, breeding is deemed unwise but allowed.

Messenger Bird
Currently, Shiroshika uses an albino starling as their pack messenger. All members of the pack may use it to send messages to individuals or packs too far to walk to swiftly. Her name is Kazane, birth date is February 20th, 2022. She will never be played by a player as she is to be available at all times for everyone to use when necessary.


— The Emperor and Empress' word is law. It is believed that their decisions are based on the good of the pack as a whole.

— Should issues arise between members, it is encouraged to talk between the individuals affected before physical altercations occur. Should mediating be necessary, it is encouraged to request the Emperor/Empress' presence.

— Anyone asking for an audience at the border is to be treated respectfully.

— Anyone found trespassing is to be treated with hostility. Anyone finding a trespasser are are encouraged to request aid by howling (feel free to tag Samurai, leaders and/or post in the discord pack chat for visibility).

— Due to trust issues, the rank of traveller has been taken down.

— To join, one must prove themselves to be trustworthy and good of heart to the leaders.
Potential punishments are as follows
Level one: Demotion, you must wait your turn and regain trust with the royalty ranks to climb the ranks again.

Level two: Permanently demoted to Civilian.

Level three:
Depending on the severity, could either be permanently exiled or ordered to death on sight.

Upon Acceptance
Each member will be given a rundown of the current goings-on in the pack. This includes their enemies, their allies and the laws. They will be shown around the pack and the dens, and the food caches and be introduced to important members of the pack. This can be done through power playing as it is considered common knowledge in the pack and playing as though your character isn't knowledgeable to it might make them come off as forgetful, or ignorant.


Ranks are earned through trust, longevity within the pack, IC participation and in character trust between members. Aristocrats and Leader positions have a matching rank for the current holder's mate, who will be immediately promoted as soon as they are officially mates. The only exception to these are the Leader pups (prince and princess) as well as King and Queen when the leader pups take on more responsibility in the pack.

Ranks are not handed out through OOC agreements or requests. Please do not ask for a high rank through OOC means. Most leader ranks are obtained through birthrights in Shiroshika or through marriage. ( Expansion on ranks and optional honorifics found here )

Note: The travelers rank no longer exists within the pack.

Current Standings

Royal Youth
Royal Youth
Royal Youth
Guardian to Hotaru, Haruki, Vienne, Yaevinn and Filavandrel when necessary.





Where We've Been
Tsukiishi [July 13th, 2021 - March 23rd, 2022 ] Our first home, hastily abandoned after a failed attempt at eliminating Kuhn and his companion Valmúa who were seen as a threat to Shiroshika's safety. Residents who remained behind and did not participate in the hunt were sought out and brought to Skelmir's Pass to join the rest as they healed.

Skelmir's Pass [April 8th, 2022 - Septembr 20th, 2022] With the blessing of Ira, High Queen of Vanderfell Woods, Shiroshika took refuge in the Pass following the battle with Kuhn in the Everfrost. Here Reiko and Quicksilver get married and give birth to their first royal litter: Filavandrel, Vienne and Yaevinn.

Tsukiishi [September 20th, 2022 - current] With no sight or scent of their enemies, Shiroshika's wolves returns to Tsukiishi to reclaim their land. They settle into life there once again, hopeful that peace will continue. 

Sub-Lands / Points of Interest
[Image: photo-1579459838184-1889b2629dc7?width=2340&height=1560]
Cutting through Tsukiishi is a small, shallow river that cascades down multiple miniature falls. Following it will bring you to the dens. Trout and salmon will make their runs in spring and fall respectively for their species, filling the river with life.
[Image: photo-1583818273973-aee519eec26b.png?wid...eight=1559]
P.O.I Hidden behind a frozen waterfall, the dens are protected from the elements. Sleeping members are soothed to sleep with water drops and the slow trickling of cascading water that still tries to flow over the frozen falls in summer. In winter, the falls are completely frozen over.

[Image: unknown-3.png]
Hunting Grounds
Only in Summer do the grasses thaw enough, while the rest of the year they are frosted over. Small shrubbery and evergreens dot the lands between small frozen grasslands. Prey often gather here to rest such as deer, caribou, moose, lemmings, arctic hares, rabbits, and other small prey.
[Image: unknown-2.png?width=2746&height=1559]
Frosted Willows
Beloved by the Emperor, he finds comfort among the frozen willows and can often be found meditating beneath their branches. In spring it is home to small songbirds who build nests and rear young within the trees, though the colder months bring silence. A peaceful place. 
[Image: CherryBlossom.png?width=2746&height=1560]
Cherry Blossom Grove
A small grove of ever-blooming cherry blossoms, the grounds are littered with snow and pink petals as the trees constantly shed their old flowers to regrow new ones. It's a mystery why the blossoms never die despite the harshest winter. The air is perfumed by their blossoms and a favourite of the Empress to wander in.
[Image: photo-1543532224-f27c14ca2540?ixlib=rb-1...=3928&q=80]
The Peak
P.O.I Overall Tsukiishi is a collection of squat mountains, but there is a single peak that stands out among the rest. Peeking through the low-hanging clouds, one comfortable enough with mountain terrain can easily climb to the snow-dusted evergreen summit.

[Image: photo-1580060510168-d909e950a973?ixlib=r...=3456&q=80]
coming soon
[Image: unknown.png]
Hot Springs
P.O.I A collection of various colourful pool sizes sits in a clearing. The air is filled with steam rising from the warm waters bubbling and overflowing from underwater chambers.


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10-07-2022 Shiroshika was moved to Tsukiishi by zina
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Point Logs

Submitted Awarded
+1 submitted by Quicksilver 11-05-2022 Awarded by Aso 11-05-2022
+5 submitted by Quicksilver 11-05-2022 Awarded by Aso 11-05-2022
+4 submitted by Quicksilver 11-05-2022 Awarded by Aso 11-05-2022
+1 submitted by Hotaru 05-21-2022 Awarded by Rebel 05-22-2022
+3 submitted by Quicksilver 05-21-2022 Awarded by Aso 05-21-2022
+5 submitted by Quicksilver 05-21-2022 Awarded by Aso 05-21-2022
+1 submitted by Reiko 05-01-2022 Awarded by Aso 05-03-2022
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