Wanting to rebuild an Empire for her and her children, Shiroshika is a safe haven for those seeking permanent or temporary residency. For those who wish to belong to something greater, somewhere safe, free of any past burdens, and a place to start over. Depending on the leader(s), the alignment of the pack will shift. Under Reiko's reign, the pack will be Lawful Good.

Forming Members:
Located in Tsukiishi

Great things are done by small things brought together.

Acronym: SS
Founded: 13/07/2021

Allies: None
Tentative Allies: Vanderfell Woods
Hostile: none

Current Leaders
 Empress: Reiko Izuka 13/07/2021
 Princess: Hotaru Izuka 13/07/2021
 Prince: Haruki Izuka (missing)
Past Leaders:



Empress Reiko
Princess Hotaru
Prince Haruki (missing)


Lady Izumi


Civilian Sybil, Tiberius, Stark, Rainier, Sullivan, Tobias

Ranks are earned through trust and longevity within the pack. Aristocrats and Leader positions have a matching rank for the current holder's mate, who will be immediately promoted as soon as they are officially mates. The only exception to these are the Leader pups (prince and princess) as well as King and Queen when the leader pups take on more responsibility in the pack.

Ranks are earned through IC participation and in character trust between members. Ranks are not handed out through OOC agreements or requests. Please do not ask for a high rank through OOC means. Most leader ranks are obtained through birthrights in Shiroshika or through marriage. Expansion on ranks and optional honourifics found here


As the pack expands and obtains new members, should they claim neighbouring lands - the Emperor and Empress will appoint a new King/Queen that is next in line for the throne after the Heir (who is currently King/Queen of the main/homeland). Should the pack need to shrink again, the newest King/Queen will be dethroned and await for the next expansion to claim the land again.


White stag: Symbolizes purity, strength, snow (home) and royalty with the crown of antlers. Hunting a white deer is seen as bringing bad luck to the pack and is treated as a crime. The Izuka Clan in their homeland were close with a local white deer herd who lived in harmony among each other, it was only when they disappeared did misfortune fall upon the pack. It is suspected that when one of princesses hunted one of the white doe during a famine, causing them to flee and never be seen again.

Flowers: Symbolises new life/rebirth, new beginnings and is a beloved item representing the new empire being built by the Empress Reiko and her children, Princess Hotaru and Prince Haruki, after fleeing their previous pack and for anyone seeking to forget their past. New hope blossoms every spring like the flowers around them, spring is considered the beginning of a new year in the pack and cause for celebration.

New Year Celebration: Every spring, a feast will be gathered for everyone to enjoy and start the year off with full bellies. Every able body is sent out to hunt in multiple groups to gather as much food as possible, including foraging for early season berries and roots to accompany the prey brought back from hunts. Songs and stories are shared from the previous year in a joyous moment together. The first week of spring.


Members are not expected to pledge eternal loyalty to the pack unless they desire to do so - however, individuals who do not pledge loyalty will remain as civilians until they decide it is time for them to head out on their own. Anyone planning on making their own pack after leaving Shiroshika will not be judged or shamed, however, “member sniping*” by using Shiroshika to gain members for your own pack building is not allowed. If suspected to do so, your character will be exiled from the pack and stained as dishonourable immediately.

*member sniping: gaining members who are already pledged to a pack by using any relations to that pack to your advantage to build your own. Canis doesn’t require many followers to make your own pack and so member sniping from Shiroshika is severely frowned upon both IC and OOC.


Under Reiko’s reign, anyone may breed. As things progress through IC, her views on pregnancy and how many pregnant women may be around may change depending on food availability. For now, there are no current IC regulations.

Tsukiishi Map

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