Inspired by Japanese royalty. Shiroshika is a pack that strives for peace by any means necessary. After having her trust betrayed multiple times and feeling that the pack is no longer safe, Reiko obsesses over the safety of her family and of the pack. They have grown secretive, opting to keep to themselves and make newcomers earn their trust before being welcomed into their ranks. Until further notice, Shiroshika will no longer be accepting "soft characters" since they are more in need of warrior/guardian types. Anyone who would like to join SS but gets turned away will be given other packs to seek instead.

Forming Members:

S H I R O S H I K A 

“ Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding. ”

She·Roh·she·ka (white deer)
Acronym: SS
Founded: 13/07/2021
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
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Pack Relations
 Allies: Vanderfell Woods
 Neutral: None
 Hostile: None

Current Leaders
 Empress: Reiko Izuka
 Princess: Hotaru Izuka
 Prince: Haruki Izuka
Antares for Hotaru and Reiko

3 ♂ · 10 ♀ · 0 ⚥
13 Adults · 1 Pups
1 Births · 2 Deaths

— Stats exclude creatures other than births and deaths
Kuhn, Valmúa, and Vera. Additional information can be found here

Past Leaders


— The Emperor and Empress' word is law. It is believed that their decisions are based on the good of the pack as a whole.

— Should issues arise between members, it is encouraged to talk between the individuals affected before physical altercations occur. Should mediating be necessary, it is encouraged to request the Emperor/Empress/King/Queen's presence.

— Anyone asking for an audience at the border is to be treated respectfully.

— Anyone found trespassing is to be treated with hostility. Anyone finding a trespasser are are encouraged to request aid by howling (feel free to tag Samurai, leaders and/or post in the discord pack chat for visibility).

— Due to trust issues, the rank of traveller has been taken down.

— To join, one must prove themselves to be trustworthy and good of heart to the leaders.
Potential punishments are as follows
Level one: Demotion, you must wait your turn and regain trust with the royalty ranks to climb the ranks again.

Level two: Permanently demoted to Civilian or Traveller. Travellers are for those who may be asked to leave the pack completely for member safety.

Level three: Depending on the severity, could either be permanently exiled or ordered to death on sight.


Ranks are earned through trust, longevity within the pack, IC participation and in character trust between members. Aristocrats and Leader positions have a matching rank for the current holder's mate, who will be immediately promoted as soon as they are officially mates. The only exception to these are the Leader pups (prince and princess) as well as King and Queen when the leader pups take on more responsibility in the pack.

Ranks are not handed out through OOC agreements or requests. Please do not ask for a high rank through OOC means. Most leader ranks are obtained through birthrights in Shiroshika or through marriage. ( Expansion on ranks and optional honorifics found here ) ( Standings )

Note: The travelers rank no longer exists within the pack.


As the pack expands and obtains new members, should they claim neighbouring lands - the Emperor and Empress will appoint a new King/Queen that is next in line for the throne after the Heir (who is currently King/Queen of the main/homeland). Should the pack need to shrink again, the newest King/Queen will be dethroned and wait for the next expansion to claim the land again.


Currently anyone may breed. As things progress through IC, her views on pregnancy and how many pregnant women may be around may change depending on food availability. For now, there are no current IC regulations. It is encouraged that pregnancies are planned with two loving parents to raise the children together with the assistance of the pack.

Tsukiishi Map


07-28-2021 Shiroshika was formed
07-28-2021 Shiroshika was formed
07-14-2021 Shiroshika was updated by Aso
07-14-2021 Shiroshika was approved by Aso
07-14-2021 Shiroshika was submitted by Reiko

Point Logs

Submitted Awarded
+1 submitted by Reiko 05-01-2022 Awarded by Aso 05-03-2022
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