The Kingdom

A herd with strong bonds between members, The Kingdom provides a safe haven for those deer who have nowhere else to go.

This pack has disbanded.
The Kingdom

The Kingdom

The Kingdom is a herd of deer kind. We are the Un-hunted, those who have refused our places as "prey" and will together be strong. We reside in the Floral Meadow and roam about the plains freely.

Noble I & II:
Leaders of the herd, everyone answers to them. They control where the herd is, what the herd does, titles, ranks, letting members into the herd. Always taken by the oldest heir unless nobles choose otherwise.
Noble I: @Rajah "Prince of the Hallows"
Noble II: @Roe "Shadow of the Colossus"

Council members I, II, & III:
Helps the nobles make decisions that are too important to be made alone. Helps make punishments for those who turn traitor, get captured. Trains their own apprentices to take their rank. Always chosen in-character.

Council I:
Council II:
Council III:

Heir I, II, & III:
Children (adopted and blood) of the nobles. Followers may give their children to the nobles to become heirs, but if children are born to the nobles the non-blood get pushed out of the rank. Generally chosen by the nobles but council may have a say on this if things become dangerous. Always chosen in-character. Only three heirs are ever possible at a time. If more children are born, they become normal followers.

Heir I: @Rahma
Heir II: @Rhine
Heir III: @Coronet

Normal deer of the herd, your average members. May be given specific jobs but their rank will never change. Newcomers default to this rank, may ask the nobles to rank into council but nothing is ever certain. Able to vote on decisions when given the chance, otherwise are just followers. .


Rite of Name:
Fawns are born and raised without names, due to the chances for fawn death. Once they reach the age of 100 days they must be tested for strength, agility, and ability to detect danger. Once they pass this Rite, they are granted a name by the Leaders or Council.

Once any deer (child or adult) has made a big personal achievement, or herd achievement, they are granted a title. Titles are the biggest tradition of the herd, carried on from the kingdom Rajah and Roe are from. They are the highest reward ever given, and outsiders granted titles from the deer are considered one of their strongest allies. Only the kingdom noble and heirs are allowed to grant titles.Titles can not, under any circumstance, be negative.

Noble Children:
Children born to the nobles are almost always named noble names. If they stray away from the herd they are almost always renamed something different and of non-nobility.

When a deer reaches 4 years old, they may be admitted to the council if their skills are good enough for the task. Reaching that age shows they know how to survive and are strong enough to have large tasks. When someone wants to be brought into the council, they must go through an array of challenges to test their skills and see if they would be fit within the council. The challenge may be skipped if the deer has done something noble enough to skip the challenges, however it may not happen every time, nor may every deer that passes the challenges join.

Generally, the nobles will make all of the decisions the herd needs to be made. However, on occasion important topics will need outside opinions and the nobles, council, will go to the followers to gain their opinion. Each deer must get the chance to speak, no matter their opinion as long as it is not harmful to the herd or themselves. If the chance a choice between heirs cannot be made, the herd will be brought together to vote on the one to take the reins if neither noble is able to lead.

When two (or more) deer find themselves mated, the herd will gather together to perform a ceremony in the couple’s honor. It lasts one full day where the herd celebrates, decorating with various objects that mean something to them. The nobles will then approve of the pairing(s) under the moon. The herd will also celebrate births the same way.


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