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Bacchus is a family of Mackenzie Valley Wolves, selectively bred for particular traits by their ancestors. These traits are natural mutations from real life and do not cause major health risks or issues. While there was initially line breeding/inbreeding generations ago, at this point, there should be no genetic issues from past line breeding.


Carefully selected over generations for their traits by their founder, these wolves of Mackenzie Valley Wolf descent have found pride in what others might see as odd. They often revel in differences, be they coat colour or mutations of the body.

All traits are selected from real life mutations that wolves may have - though in wild packs, these traits may be abandoned by their parents. The most common traits are those prevalent in certain dog breeds - the descendants of wolves.


Breed: Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Sizes: Generally Tall or Extra Tall
Weights: Generally Heavier

Their coats are greyscales, slate blues, and red-hued browns. These wolves often have spotting or ticking within their coats, especially within the piebald markings that run rampant. Their eyes are often gold or blue but may shift towards red or pink.


The Bacchus family began by a wolf of that name. She was ill treated by bigoted wolves who would mock or attack any so-called deformity. After barely surviving her childhood, she banded together with other misfits to form Bacchus's ideal wolf. Her people were a warlike bunch, adamant in their defense over their claim and place in the world.

Her grip over her family was iron-strong, selecting pairings and ensuring that all children were not seen as children of their parents but instead, Children of Bacchus. Initially, line breeding was rampant, but it slowed as time went on and the heirs learned to plan for healthy offspring and not just wolves with the ideal traits.


[Image: 6ivG9O8.png]
Roman Nose
Perhaps the most noticeable trait common within the Bacchus family is the roman nose.
[Image: 500_F_14471119_9dB1yU2EhWICsJO7VU3OcN362ca1phro.jpg]

Downwards Snaggle Teeth/Big fangs
Common but not universal are fangs that stick out of the Bacchus wolves' lips, sometimes long enough to reach the chin - but no further.

Polydactyly - 5 toes.
Each foot on a wolf of strong Bacchus lineage has five true toes, pleasantly laid out and unobtrusive.

Rear Dewclaws (often double)
Similar to Great Pyrenees, Bacchus descendants will often have rear dewclaws, sometimes double.

Tapered Ears
Not as common, but Bacchus descendants may have ears that are naturally tapered and slender.

Webbed Toes
The natural webbing of their toes is greater, similar to Newfoundland and Retriever dogs.

Shorter Tails
Bacchus wolves often have somewhat shorter tails.

Current Family

These are the currently known wolves of Bacchus heritage. To request to play a Bacchus wolf, please contact @Uri. Descendants may have as many or as few of the traits as they would like, though non-site-born Bacchus wolves should have at least one or two, generally the distinct facial anatomy.

Roman Nose

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