Dragontooth Overlook (discovering)

Dragontooth Overlook (discovering)

Consisting of four mountainous peaks of varying sizes, Dragontooth Overlook is a snow-laden mountain in the colder months though summer uncovers the stone beneath. However small—the forested area around it becomes lush with rough vegetation and low-growing greenery in the warmer months. Trees are sparsely placed giving the earth a more plains feeling in the spring and summer with gently sloped hillsides that gradually become more jagged, cold, and laden with gravel and stone the further one walks up towards the toothy peaks.


In the spring and summer months, the area around the base of the four mountains sees more rough vegetation and visitors of prey animals, especially bighorn sheep which are often seen scaling these jagged peaks. Certainly, the overlook doesn't consist of the biggest mountain peaks, rather, it was named for the incongruous way in which the tops of these mountains are shaped, giving them a jagged and tooth-like appearance.

Along with the various hoofed prey to choose from who live among these mountains and sloping foothills, the area is also home to birds of prey such as golden eagles and snowy owls, other birds like the plump ptarmigan, lynx, caribou, and a plethora of small to medium predators as well. Large predators are uncommon to the Overlook but not unheard of.

The way to the top is not an easy one and it's made abundantly clear how dangerous it actually is to scale one of the four peaks of the Dragontooth Overlook—sheep, deer, and other unfortunate animals have plunged to their deaths due to one misplaced foot and it is known that golden eagles often throw their heavier prey from the sides of these mountains, leaving a decent amount of carcasses. These never last long, either being scavenged and eaten from or frozen beneath the heavy snowfall in the fall and winter months until the cycle begins again.

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