Crimson Moon

Less of a Religion and more of a cult - The Crimson Moon belief is bonding through blood rituals where all members are bonded for life through literally sharing blood between them by drinking it. They are secretive and have no land of their own. Members are spread out through different packs and meet occasionally for Blooding rituals and among other things.

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— Created by Noki
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The Crimson Moon believes bonding through blood rituals is stronger than any family bond through birth. All members are bonded for life through literally sharing blood between them by drinking it through a ritual called "The Blooding" where all members share their blood with the newest member, and vice versa in order to welcome them into the family. It's believed that chosen bonds are stronger than the ones forced upon you by birth.

The Crimson Moon is a non-aggressive cult who simply desire to fit in somewhere. Only those who are seen as endangering the group's safety, will get punished appropriately. For example, those who speak of the cult to outsiders which is seen as a form of endangering, will get their tongues removed before being labeled as a "Shadow" and cast out.


Created by a self-claimed Vampire, Abaddon Rache, on a whim while trying to convince Arya to trust him and let him into her life somehow to taste her blood; their history is shallow and based on lies. Anyone is welcome to interpret the beliefs in their own way as the cult grows, and branch off with their own rituals and beliefs. Each branch will be added to the entry as they are made.

Main Branch — established May, 2021

Currently there is only the main branch made by Abaddon, also known as Alastor of Elysium. This is known as the origin of all other branches as the Vampire makes things up as he goes and drags others into his little fantasy and eventually creating an unintentional cult like group.

The Ranking

Master Abaddon (more)
The Council (more)
Elders (more)
Ascendant (more)
Hunter (more)
Guardian (more)
Keeper (more)
Thrall (more)
Lost One Arya, Amaranth, Hawkes (more)
Fledgeling (more)
Shadow (more)

Blooding Ritual

The Blooding Ritual is done where all members of the cult share their blood with the newest member in order to bond them all through blood. To do this, each member is bitten somewhere on their body and a little blood is offered to each cultist who accepts them, and the new member must consume some blood of each cultist in return to them into their life just as they are to the rest of the cult.

Should even a single cultist refuse to blood a new member, the blooding has failed and cannot be completed until a unanimous decision is made.

Mating and Pups

Although anyone may claim a mate, it is frowned upon to be strictly monogamous within the Cult as every member other than Lost Ones and Shadows are considered to be family. This does not mean all must sleep with one another, nor is forcing oneself onto another allowed. Incest is not seen as a taboo but it is neither encouraged, it is simply not judged should a pair chose to express their love in such a way.

When it comes to puppies, all Fledgelings are equal in the eyes of the members and children to all, not just the ones who created them. All members are responsible for feeding, training, and protecting each Fledgeling as though it was their own. The blooding of Fledgelings only happens after their first year once they are considered to be adults. Should a fledgeling refuse to be blooded, they are given a choice to leave and find a life of their own but are always welcome to be blooded later should they change their mind.

Want to Join?

Joining is simple. Shoot me a PM on Canis, or a DM on Discord and we can plan out how your character joins! Abaddon will extend invitations to join for those who explicitly express how they don't feel as if they fit in anywhere and wish to be more than just some lowly follower to a classic Alpha figure.

Where is Abaddon now?

Abaddon can be normally found in Fate's Respite in the Mountains as he joined Elysium. He will often wander and can be found in other Mountain terrain or elsewhere so he is not tethered to Fate's Respite.  Want to meet him? Just tag him in a thread!

How do I show my pride and membership of the Crimson Moon?

Since we aren't and most likely won't ever be an official pack (again, depending on popularity and numbers, we can discuss this in the future), pack pride and membership can be displayed in your signature like Abaddon/Alastor's! Feel free to copy his signature and use it, display your rank if you want! Ranks will be kept updated on this thread as new members come and go.

If this does become a pack, do I have to pick between the Order and my current pack?

Absolutely not. If we ever decide to become a pack it will be an In Character decision where the Master and Council believe its better for the members to have a place to call home, and other packs can no longer be trusted with the cultists. Members who have a pack they trust are more than welcome to stay with them and will be welcome to come visit the Order wherever they settle at any time. In other words, TWO PACKS FOR THOSE WHO WANT IT.
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