The wolves of Elkshire are individuals residing deep within the forest, and are quite protective of over their claims, and what resides within. Particularly so some follow the Déorwine religion, finding that Elk are sacred, and thus the same rules apply; wolves who are solid white will not be let in, other colors will vary.. Particularly neutral however, but are often the one's to try and play the right cards.

Located in The Elk's Crown


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Elk · shy · er followers of the elk
Founded April 25, 2021
Abbreviation: ESH

The Monarch:
 King: N/A
 Queen: Célnes (since 4/25/21)
 Earl: N/A

Past Monarchs:

  The PantheonNeutral
  Event HorizonNeutral

Elkshire wolves are generally secluded individuals, though friendly to each other as they reside deep within the forest. Protective over their claim and that around, many times they'll give proper warning to leave, but when a thread occurs, they come together as a proper pack. Though in particular, often wolves of pure-white will not be allowed, other colors may vary, but the Queen would not allow someone of snow white to enter the woods. They are particularly neutral but will take in allies if the deal suits them so.

They hold claim officially to The Elk's Crown, but also claim Royal Wisteria Woodland & Sleeping Doe's Range

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"Oh thirsty fire, hear the voice of water"

Long ago did the first Queen, Celnes, live within the old home of the Déorwine family, Kingslend. However a fire had taken hold of their kingdom, and so many had to flee. Originally so she had lost all, and took refuge to another pack - but with enough healing, and finding her siblings, they were determined to rebuild. Upon rebuilding their claim and finding where the High Elk, the Déorwine God, has reclaimed, they cross mountains and rivers, forests and plains, till' finally finding their home. Alongst the way met many family, and so to rebuild the nation, they started anew.

However with wanting power, Celnes accepted many that are consider unholy, and this disharmony to the devotee's of the High Elk. As tragedies soon follow, eventually retribution came from the two rulers, Celnes and Cenric. Stabbed by irony itself, a white elk.. Though only one, awoke alone within the new land that it was.

There does she rebuild what was lost, but now in the name of Elkshire. A new hatred carries with the association of white wolves, but she quite leniant to other colors. Now generally many wolves vary within their hues, but the brown-coated may always be in favored. Now within The Elk's Crown does the deer-loving group remain, and hoping to grow larger.


Though not all within the Elkshire group follow the religion, it is still deemed an important aspect of them. The Queen herself follows the way, and thus the group is similar. They do not allow the hunting of horned elk, finding that they are Apostles to the High Elk. Though once it was an allowance to be able to hunt those without their antlers - it has now been banned that no hunting of elk or deer is permitted. Certain traditions are followed, an albeit a lil' racism toward white-wolves in the mixture, the Déorwine family customs and religion are not forced down upon. Anyone may join regardless of their thoughts on God, but a respect to the High Elk is still to be asked. More about their religion can be found HERE.

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 The Monarchthe royal
  King/Queen (2) — leader of the pack
  Earl (2) — second in command
  Princess/Princeoffspring of the Queen

The Imperial the honor
 Baronthe ones with honored accomplishments
 Stagmasters of their trade
 Divinedeer/elk that has joined
 Royal GuardThe rulers's personal guard

 The Mantle the core
  Bearbuck the warriors
  Krestalfangthe hunters
  Earthwalkerthe scouts
  Sawbonethe medics

  Rainberrythe naturalists
  Woodweaverthe entertainers
  Elkbornethe spiritualists
  Briarsoul the advisors

  Grazerthose debating their path

The Velvetthe untrusted

The Hornlessthe youth


 The Monarchthe royal
  Earl N/A

The Imperial the honor
 Royal GuardN/A

 The Mantle the core
  BearbuckRemus, Meissa
  SawboneFlorence, Rosemary


  GrazerTeodora, Thistle, Corliss,

The Velvetthe untrusted
 WayfarerSerpens, Ellinor

The Hornlessthe youth

— Code by Aso
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