Fate's Respite

Fate's Respite

Nestled at the foothills of low-reach mountains, a rocky outcropping cradles a tranquil lake. Crystalline waters do not waver; the glassy surface reflects a perfect mirror image of the sparse trees that have rooted here. The water is unusually azure, almost tropical in appearance despite the mountainous climate. The stillness and serenity truly offer a respite to weary travelers who have found this haven in their wanderings. The noise of a distant waterfall sounds somewhere nearby, and despite the calm that lingers here ... there are many secrets to be discovered if one looks closely enough.

Sequestered away in a mountain oasis, it is a symbol of new life, of new beginnings. Elysium was created for the holy, the humble, and even the sinful wishing for respite; all of those who wish to worship the gods or simply live out their time in joy and freedom. All lost and vagrant souls are welcome in the fold of this deep-knit family, bound together by goodwill as much as they are by love for one another, and those who enter their ranks are treated with fairness and respect.

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