Event Horizon

Respice Ad Caelum.
A monarchy built on the astronomical dreams of a wolf with a charred past, Event Horizon is a pack of misfits and lost souls who have come together to become a family.
The wolves here built a pack on the basis of trust and belonging - no member should be punished for simply offending the wrong wolf or having dissenting ideals, unless those ideals will harm others.

Event Horizon

Event Horizon


It is a difficult thing to come by.
To come to knowledge, one must either learn by doing, doing, doing - or be taught.
Mistakes must be made, of course, but why should one be forced to learn through mistakes and errors alone?
Event Horizon has opened its doors.

A school for various arts, Event Horizon prides itself on opening up the horizon for students, old and young alike.

Loners are often forced to learn on the go and if they do not learn fast enough, they may run out of luck, so we hope that with our help, more loners and unskilled pack members will be able to break past those barriers.

This is not meant as an insult for any pack’s training capabilities. Instead, it is an offer to take some load off of your shoulders and give your unskilled wolves an opportunity to learn from other perspectives.

Acronym · EH
Founded · April 2021
Home Territory · Ichorwood
Unofficial Claims · Stone Mountain | Door to Atlantis


04-21-2021 Event Horizon was formed
04-11-2021 Event Horizon was updated by Asori
04-11-2021 Event Horizon was approved by Gina
04-11-2021 Event Horizon was submitted by Uri

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