Event Horizon

Respice Ad Caelum.
A monarchy built on the astronomical dreams of a wolf with a charred past, Event Horizon is a pack of misfits and lost souls who have come together to become a family.
The wolves here built a pack on the basis of trust and belonging - no member should be punished for simply offending the wrong wolf or having dissenting ideals, unless those ideals will harm others.

Event Horizon
Located in Ichorwood

Welcome to Event Horizon

Acronym · EH
Founded · April 2021

Royalty: · Crux

Allies · Elysium
Neutral · Nightwalkers? · Empyrean? · Vanderfell Woods?
Camp Alpha
Initial camp, found by Crux and Mordecai. An island in the midst of a river with a clearing in the trees at the center. Only one path is known across the water to the island: A heavily guarded rock path. Camp Alpha has a hill with an orange weeping willow tree at the top, leaning at an angle that an agile wolf can attempt to climb for a vantage over the forest for miles.


These laws are to be kept by every wolf on Event Horizon's land. Visitors and temporary residents are also required to follow these laws. From childhood, wolves of Event Horizon are instructed and are expected to know all laws by heart. Any member of Event Horizon is allowed to subdue any wolf that may be causing or threatening harm to any of the following: Children, pregnant wolves, members of the pack, visitors.
Violent Offenses (Murder, Assault, etc)
Intentional harm towards fellow members of Event Horizon or any visitor is strictly forbidden. Sparring for training purposes is of course allowed, but true duels with the intent of death or heavy injury are not permitted. The goal is to build each other up, not make the pack weaker. Punishments are case-by-case.

Sexual Offenses (Rape, etc)
Especially heinous to Event Horizon are these actions that cause both mental and physical harm, such as rape or especially abuses targeted at children. They are violent by nature, even if the act itself uses so called "less physical" methods such as grooming, persuasion, or poisons that cause sleep. If such an offense is caught in the act, any Event Horizon wolf may use force to stop the offender and bring them in for a Court of the Constellations session. Often times, the offender will be castrated, if not killed.

Non-Violent Offenses (Theft)
There are not many things owned by wolves, but those that are may be valuable to the heart. Usually these offenses have punishments of working off their misdeeds or returning what they stole and then some.


Event Horizon functions loosely as a space-based monarchy. Those of the same prefix are equal in power. Those of the [ Solar ] prefix, for instance, are equal unless their ranks within are clearly higher or lower. Terms in quotations alongside a rank name are secondary names you may address the members of that rank as.

UNIVERSE (I) is royalty
GALAXY (I) is nobility
SOLAR (II) is middle class
PLANETARY (I) is lower class/serfs

[ Universe ] Singularity Event
Those in true power of the pack - the royals.

Supermassive Black Hole “Singularity”
Crux - “Prince of Stars”
Black Holes
Doppler Beam “Beam”

[ Galaxy ] Galactic Event
The non-royals that have political or structural power within the pack - the nobles.

Accretion Disc “Disc”
Harper (of Elysium)
Palace - Binary O (Offense) · Mordecai - Binary X (Defense)

[ Solar ] Extinction Event
The powerhouses of the pack, who protect the pack and ensure no harm comes - the military.





[ Solar ] Celestial Event
The main body of the pack - the middle class. These roles are all equal to one another, unlike those within the Extinction Event.





[ Planetary ] Gravitational Event
Those who have litter power within the pack - the lower class.

Relativistic Jet “Jet”


Breeding and Childrearing
Event Horizon isn’t as strict on breeding as other packs. Any wolf may take a mate, but only those who are Solar or above (aka, no Gravitational Events) may bear offspring or form Systems. Children are raised by the pack, usually sleeping in the Rearing Cave with their mother, even if they are Beams (heirs). At three months old, they may become Satellites of a ranked wolf, where they will learn from them about the rank. Children, even those being mentored, are considered Meteorites until they are six months old, when they will be directed towards a ranked wolf to become their Satellite if they have not become one yet.

Court of the Constellations
If infractions on the laws occur or an important decision is to be made, a Court of the Constellations will be called. The royalty and nobility will gather and the defendant will be able to argue their case. Depending on the situation, the Court may decide to allow witnesses to come forward with their own testimonies. The Court will convene and then decide on an appropriate punishment, if guilty.
Location of the Court: A crater from a long-ago meteor hit. (eventual Subterritory)

Frequently, the Royalty and Nobility will meet for special dinners, where they will discuss current events in the pack, upcoming births, marriages, concerns, etc. These may occur in-character but can also be announced via the discord #eh-announcements channel.
Location of Orbits: A crater from a long-ago meteor hit. (eventual Subterritory)

Loose space-related spirituality may occur but is not required. Mother Moon watches over all, with starry brothers and sisters. She is the wolf’s protector and thus we sing to her. When we fall, our souls go to the stars and if we have trusted in the Moon and fought for her, she will return us to continue her bidding.

Satellites are what other packs consider apprentices. There is no true apprentice rank, so anyone Solar and above (Solar+) besides Main Sequence may take a Comet or Meteorite as a satellite to train them into their rank. It is expected that members train as Satellites for at least three months before shifting into full rank.

Systems within Event Horizon are families, founded by those within Solar Event and higher. Usually formed due to a marital pairing, it is the more dominant of the two rather than sex who has the honor of naming the System and claiming Sol position of it.

Systems may have individual rankings, but this is universal: The Sol is the leader of the system, that which all the others follow. This is usually a father or mother of the family, though system members do not necessarily have to be related by blood, they can be adopted in. Splitting from a System, especially to form your own, is looked down upon. Instead, if you are in a System and have married, it is ideal for you to have as many beneath you as possible to bolster your System and be most likely to inherit it upon the death or retirement of the Sol.
 Crucis System

Lore: The Big Bang
The universe started as nothing, and yet memory still remains before the universe began. All wolves (and probably other species) in this world came about in similar, yet different ways. The one thing that seems to be universal - each individual doesn’t know the reason for their arrival. Event Horizon wants to find out why.

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