A mountain chain rests along the northern coast and is divided by a great valley and swollen river. The peaks of Northfall lay east of this fjord. Frosted by snow year-round, the mountains are bitter cold in the winter and pleasantly mild in the summer. The land is typically never without a good breeze. Any adventurers coming will be met with the only bit of forestry for miles. While the upper elevations are mostly snow, ice, and rock, the lower reaches are dotted with various evergreens and at the foothills supports a lush coniferous forest. Mountain goats and sheep are common in these mountains and in the forest below, caribou herds and moose graze.

The wolves of Northfall claim the snowy mountainous region for which they are named after. Visitors are met with an overall rugged and hardy group of wolves who are accustomed to life on the terrain of equal measure. To live in Northfall requires a sheer-footed wolf with thick skin and a strong heart. These wolves are a closely bound group founded on blood ties, who are accepting of those who can prove just as driven, courageous and loyal.

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