Clarity & Obscurity

— Created by Cyprin
Follow thy’ heart, be it harm none’s body or soul.

And it harm none, do what thou wilt.
And it harm none, do as thou wilt.
Than it harm none, do as thou wilt.
Do as you will, as long as harm none.


Within a deep forest is a group known as The Orchid, within so are females known as Maidens, and males known as Earls. There do they follow the Priestess, who is said to the closest to the Gods themself, and the best at divination within their mortal world. The group is known to care little on blood-ties and extreme on family. Those born in the same generation are all known as siblings, and those who help raise them as Mother, but the one who truly gave birth, is known as the precious title of Amma. Likewise, the males that help raise the offspring are Fathers, but the true seed-giver is known as Abba. They value family and friends tightly, and sharing knowledge between them all. The highest belief they follow, is being selfless.

The goal in life is to reach the Summerlands, an eternal Nirvana within the grace of the Goddess and God who protects her so, but only after countless of reincarnation, can one finally enter.

After a year old one is a given a choice to find knowledge beyond their Orchid, or to stay within and continue onwards with prayers and devotion. Though if one were to leave, they will always be welcomed home.

Sacred Feminine — Clarity

the maternal deity, associated with primary knowledge : must be discovered over time according to each individual’s experience ;  acts of nature, life cycles, etc.

often called upon to remedy illnesses of self or world.

known as: the mother (of earth), the Goddess

Divine Masculine — Obscurity

the paternal deity, associated with secondary knowledge : must be explicitly taught in a definite context ;
language & culture, professional skills, etc.

often called upon for protection or assistance with professional duties.

known as: the father, the protector (of lands), the God


divination is commonly practiced using a variety of methods to interpret messages believed to be sent from either deity through natural processes, such as an act of nature which could have not been feasibly caused by any other source (i.e. rainstorms out of season, strange migration patterns, etc.).

all believers are encouraged to commune with their deities. however, apostles are typically tasked with carrying out divination ceremonies.


There is no satan or evil worshipper, rather just a void in the world that lures with sins; often referred to as ‘the darkness.’ It is what they believe tempts others to do bad in the world, but they always believe that one can be redeemed back into the light.
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