Raven Rock

Raven Rock

The world is black here: the sand, the rocks, even what few trees survive are darker than normal. From the mainland, the rugged island seems mostly barren and unforgiving - though many seabirds make their nests on its cliffs during the Spring and Summer months. A dark sandbar connects one shoreline to another at low tide.

This location was discovered by our members!

Application thread
Application Thread

Point Logs

Submitted Awarded
+2 submitted by Tavra 07-15-2022 Awarded by Aso 07-17-2022
+1 submitted by Hieronymous 05-27-2022 Awarded by Rebel 05-28-2022
+4 submitted by Miriam 04-21-2022 Awarded by gerra 04-22-2022
+1 submitted by Blackfoot 11-19-2021 Awarded by Aso 11-21-2021
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