North: Himalayan
Central: Appalachian
South: Rockies

A mysterious set of mountain ranges sprawls across the the terrain, curiously flowing from one extreme to the next. In the south, temperate zones are split with canyons and cliffs. The central terrain is comprised of low mountains that appear blue in the distance. Toward the north are intense peaks taller than any have ever gone before. Many of the mountains and ranges are dotted with old bridges and mysterious ancient structures.

Behemoth’s Brim

Those who have stole away past the yawning pine forest enter a bleak wood of a shore, blanketed by a bone thick fog. At night, there have been reported hearings of lovecraftian shadow beasts and serpentines chilling calls in the wake.

Bluewater Lake

Nestled in a forked ring of jagged peaks, a bright pool of glacier-blue water forms a lake at the base of a broad, magnificent waterfall. During Spring and Summer months, the area surrounding the lake is carpeted with herbs and flora that benefit from the nutrient-rich soil, and in the Autumn, dozens of beautiful wildflowers bloom. The waterfall is perennial, freezing over only in the coldest of winters though the majority of the lake itself freezes perfectly clear in the areas along the shore.


These mountains embrace this shrouded vale within like a crux, its spires piercing the gut of the sky to let in the gleaming innards of itself. From early spring to midsummer, the hollow shakes itself loose, and bright rivers rush to cleanse alpine roots. Streams are shier and hurry forever away beneath the boughs of these wealds. Autumn flushes the alpine to its very peaks, but winter is just as quick to chase it away and remain too long.

Crescent Cove North

Spanning for uncertain miles lies a deep, crescent-shaped and mysterious gash in the earth. Long filled in by water and eroded down, the earth is not quite as jagged here as it once was though it is far from smooth. Within both the northern and southern branches of the cove, the water is eerily still and far from crystal clear, betraying the true depth of how deep the gash goes.

Dragontooth Overlook (discovering)

Consisting of four mountainous peaks of varying sizes, Dragontooth Overlook is a snow-laden mountain in the colder months though summer uncovers the stone beneath. However small—the forested area around it becomes lush with rough vegetation and low-growing greenery in the warmer months. Trees are sparsely placed giving the earth a more plains feeling in the spring and summer with gently sloped hillsides that gradually become more jagged, cold, and laden with gravel and stone the further one walks up towards the toothy peaks.


Embraced in the palm of highlands lies a looking-glass lake, home to a beaver lodge near the shore — where the northern lights can be viewed by searching below; the land is guarded by giant sequoia trees that act like eternal sentries.

Fate's Respite

Nestled at the foothills of low-reach mountains, a rocky outcropping cradles a tranquil lake. Crystalline waters do not waver; the glassy surface reflects a perfect mirror image of the sparse trees that have rooted here. The water is unusually azure, almost tropical in appearance despite the mountainous climate. The stillness and serenity truly offer a respite to weary travelers who have found this haven in their wanderings. The noise of a distant waterfall sounds somewhere nearby, and despite the calm that lingers here ... there are many secrets to be discovered if one looks closely enough.

Fate’s Summit

A twisting jagged mountain range with occasional northern-like winds, Fate’s Summit holds treacherous cliffs and wide flat breaks, housing various types of trees and undergrowth. Clouds often hang mid-rise, obscuring the peaks from those who pass by leaving what lies above a mystery except for those daring enough to make the trek. It is rumored that those who make it to the peaks are led by fate and may experience a life-changing event.

Highvalley Hollow

Nestled between the mountains is a hollow that from the inside, looks perfectly protected by the towering heights surrounding it. The lowest point of the mountains is a hollow little valley. Wildflowers color the place in the Spring and the Summer, but in the Winter the Hollow is colorless. There used to be trees here, but rockslides have caused all but a few to fall. The outer corners of the Hollow are easy obstacle courses to navigate; rare flowers find their home here, making any obstacle worth it when they are in bloom.


A forest truly unlike any previously encountered. Locked in what seems like permanent autumn, the trees here are forever a deep crimson red. This red wash over the world leaves any passerby with an uneasy feeling as if for some reason nature is not the true reason for the red leaves. Some claim that any that enter Ichorwood are lost to it and after they succumb, the trees themselves grow ever brighter with that sickly hue. Do you dare enter to find the truth?

Leviathan's Sepulcher

Rising from the black torrent like the knuckles of some gargantuan god, the rocks stand jagged in the spray. Be it the segmented body of a serpentine stone demon or the fingers of a drowned creator, the serrated crags cut a unique horizon line in an unfriendly bay. Though if one is able to make out the carving pathway between the roaring waves, a surprisingly lavish land is within its wake.


A mountain chain rests along the northern coast and is divided by a great valley and swollen river. The peaks of Northfall lay east of this fjord. Frosted by snow year-round, the mountains are bitter cold in the winter and pleasantly mild in the summer. The land is typically never without a good breeze. Any adventurers coming will be met with the only bit of forestry for miles. While the upper elevations are mostly snow, ice, and rock, the lower reaches are dotted with various evergreens and at the foothills supports a lush coniferous forest. Mountain goats and sheep are common in these mountains and in the forest below, caribou herds and moose graze.


A standard foothill-riparian forest on first glance, the forest's name comes from mispronunciation of the Latin word ripa, meaning riverbank. The name takes on an unintentional second meaning as one travels through the riparian forest; all of the trees here, regardless of lineage or age, produce sap that is blood-red in hue, giving the forest the appearance of a creature ripped open.

Rippling Heights

A vast land with round, moss-covered stones speckling the hills. Low growing shrubs, thorns, and vines blanket the ground. Pikas are found in abundance here. In the spring, light blue flowers blossom in small batches — these are a favourite treat to the local wildlife.

Seeker's Bluffs

Rolling hills flatten to patchily-forested bluffs as they extend out to the ocean, where weather-worn cliffs dip down to thin beaches. The power of the sea is apparent here, from the northern shores’ boulder-strewn beach, through the sea cave passageway, and down to the broader, pebbled southern beach. The path down to the water is not always clear.

Skelmir's Pass

Otherwise known as Trickster's Pass, these paths lead to the rumored rewards, though what specifically varies from tale to tale. From the base, the climb appears easy, though as one continues, the trails grow more confusing and challenging. Many dangers await and it is not uncommon for someone to go missing or end up mysteriously back at the start. Some say the climb is more akin to a maze than a mountain with paths ever-changing. Aside from glory seekers, it is also common for folks to come to train their bodies and minds.

Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain is a squat, lowly mountain that is not at all impressive by means of its altitude. Contrary to its name, the place is more than simply stones; it is a place rife with greenery of nearly every sort. Forgiving toward every level of climber, Stone Mountain is a gentle place with a variety of wild fauna. Predators seem to know this, though, and so it is not at all uncommon to see that sort lurk here too.

The Cosmic Isle

A small island that flourishes with life. In the midst of its shores lies a forest of vibrant color, from ruby kissed hibiscus blooms to viridescent palms of all kinds. When the lights go out, however, is when the magic truly begins -- colonies of bioluminescent bacteria scatter the shores and rocks to light up the night like terrestrial stardust, keeping the island true to it's name: the cosmic Isle.

The Nameless Mountain

Rising sharply into strange, jagged spires, The Nameless Mountain is a labyrinthian place of twisting trails among stones that only seems impassable and inhospitable at first glance. Thick coniferous forests rise along its lower reaches, which are every bit as broad as they are tall, and the pathways leading up the mountainside are treacherous for the inexperienced climber. No one truly knows what lies at the summit that is eternally shrouded in snow and clouds, but for the fortunate and bold who manage the climb, word has it that they are awarded views like no other.

Ullarcraig Run

For those who venture a lush and lively forest awaits. While prey can be found elsewhere, Ullarcraig Run is perhaps a hunter’s paradise. Mountain goats, deer, rabbits, and sheep are commonly found grazing along the grassy slopes meet rocky cliffs and the river provides various types of freshwater fish. With berry bushes and birds also dotting this grove, one can truly find almost any kind of meal here.

Whisper Key

Where the bluffs meet the sea, this stretch of cliffs drops drastically off into the water, only sloping downward at Whisper Key. Here, a secluded stretch of white beach is surrounded by cliffs on three sides and ocean on the fourth, creating a space that feels private despite its existence in nature. The one way in is through the path in the cliffs that slopes downward at the center. Meanwhile, on the higher ground various trees and shrubbery flourish, though do not stretch far enough inward to block the sands from a view of the vast sky above.

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