Salmon Berry

The herbs listed in the compendium should only be used for writing purposes in role play and are not a guide for real life use as they can lead to harmful effects.

[Image: salmonberry.jpg]
Salmon Berry
Edible Medicinal
Found during: Spring, Summer, Autumn

One of the many relatives to blackberries and raspberries. A pretty plant that flowers into a beautiful pink in the spring and turns into red or yellow berries in late summer and early autumn. Found in forested or shaded areas, the Salmonberry has many medicinal properties. If the leaves are made into a poultice, they can be applied as a dressing to wounds or burns. If the bark is made into a poultice, it can help clean the wounds and ease the pain. Decoctions are used from the root to help with labor pains and to treat stomach complaints.

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