the outlaw

Played by Dodge
Shepherd Divine (sheh·purd duh·vine)
Tall (35)
Fur Color
Charcoal, reds, and oranges
Sex & Gender
Heavy (134)
Burning yellow
2 (7 August, 2019)
British Columbian Wolf

Got a gypsy soul, i'm a rebel and rogue

And I'm always on the run
 Shepherd is a young, angry, outlaw of a man. Usually seen with a shit-eating grin and a sparkle of mischievousness in his eyes, he’s always thrived in whatever chaos he can cause. He has certain malice about him stemming from a spiteful childhood and a quick temper like nobody's business. Though, his form of anger isn’t the typical ‘lash out in a blind rage,’ but more so a feeling of power and superiority to him. Cross him, and he’ll laugh in your face, finding enjoyment in the reaction to whatever cruel words he says, he’s borderline sadistic at times. With a bold mind and sassy tongue, he isn’t afraid to speak his mind of snide remarks and taunting jests.
 Perhaps even when he should be afraid. Some may call Shepherd fearless, but not in a sense of courage - he’s always lacked a sense of danger, or when he should be cautious and watch his words. He’s blunt and bold, and very much a fool. It won’t be uncommon to find him being sarcastic, only to get himself in a heap of trouble. Nothing that he can’t handle, of course…
 Hubris and a superiority complex are among the key traits of Shepherd - once, just to defy his parents and everything they stood for, he considered himself a god above them all, a true ‘Divine.’ Though his memories are faulty on those feelings now, he’s still very much prideful of himself and his abilities. Not only that, but he considers himself to be quite the looker, too.
 This plays into him being quite flirtatious at times - he finds himself to be a rather handsome man, so why wouldn’t anyone else? He loves to flirt with anyone, though not so much out of desire. When he does flirt, it’s out of boredom and mischief, just wanting to see how others would react to him. If he dug himself into something more serious…ho boy will he try to backtrack quickly. He isn’t the typical horny, roguish male, but instead just an ornery jerk who doesn’t think before he acts.
 Really, he never thinks before he acts. Shepherd will gladly bolt into trouble or do whatever reckless feat he likes without thinking of the consequences. This includes theft, rushing into battle, and disobeying orders…he’s reckless, and even worse on top of that, immoral. To say Shepherd was raised at all is an overstatement - neither his family nor his pack taught him any moral code, and as he grew used to doing and taking whatever he wanted to survive, he quickly fell into a code o his own - anything goes, as long as it’s not him.
 But, maybe there’s hope for him yet? He isn’t entirely too far gone - while he does enjoy a good, dirty fight, the adrenaline of stealing, and the joy of watching anyone below him suffer, he is neutral for the most part. He still has his more innocent traits; having an active imagination, a dreamer, an entertainer, he can even be quite gullible. Perhaps, should he ever take kindly to a good influence, this outlaw could be molded into something a little more fitting for society. He could have his redemption…but until then, it’s damnation for all.

— Humorous
— Imaginative
— Survivor

— Sarcastic
— Prideful
— Flirtatious

— Spiteful
— Audacious
— Immoral

With a fire inside, I ain't ever gonna die

I'm a locked and loaded gun
 Shepherd looks as fiery as he acts. His fur is a charcoal black encompassing a mixture of tans, oranges, and burnt reds on both of his sides and legs, with ticked red banding along the top of his tail. His face is interesting - two markings along his cheekbone just under his eyes, with tan cheek fluff and reddish-orange browline. A black band cuts across his forehead, with orange and tan capping the top of his head and fading to burnt orange and red ticking down his nape. Some may consider his markings and colors to be somewhat handsome, but Shepherd is anything but sharp-looking. He’s never been one to care for grooming, and so his fur is a bedraggled, misshapen mess of dirt and grime. He has a scruffy chin, disheveled and messy-looking cheek fur, and his mantle is thick and skewed, falling over his neck and shoulders in longer frays. His pelt definitely looks rough, and his figure isn’t the best, either.
 Growing up, Shepherd never experienced the spoiled lifestyle of eating well every day - often he would go hungry, and only survive on whatever morsels he would steal from the rest of the pack. His stomach is still thin and tapered from this, but before coming to…wherever this place is, he had been working on training his muscles. He’s athletically built - well-toned for sparring, and still lean enough to run for miles. His legs are long, with muscled shoulders, thighs, and a strong jaw perfect for biting or swiping heavier items. He wants to be as strong as he can be, and so he’ll continue toning his body until he’s the perfect fighter.
 His most defining features could be his short to medium-length fur, sticking up in various frays around his neck, cheeks, and flanks especially. He has tall ears, where one of his few scars lay - a puncture hole on the inside of his left ear, while a childhood friend bit a little too hard.

50/100 health

ENTP-A 'The Entrenpreneur' · Chaotic Neutral / Chaotic Evil

— smells of musty leather and ashes
— has a mild southern accent
— pansexual

— single
— loner

when the matches strike and the gasoline lights

It's only just begun

 Pride runs thick as blood in the Divine lineage, stemming from a tradition that runs just as deep. Shepherd comes from a cultural family - one that doesn’t just believe in gods but believes they are gods. Early ancestors called themselves the Divines, and the title was passed down as a surname. The main tradition of the Divines is having unique and even odd titles, that don’t exactly seem like ‘names.’ At birth, wolves are given a singular name that they’ll be called, and as they grow and earn a reputation for themselves, they may choose a full title by starting with their given first name and adding whatever they find the most fitting to themselves. Most names are only two words, though some may have three or even more, though this must be approved of by a family head (mother or father), while two names can be chosen freely. This is because the Divines believe that the longer a name is, the more destined a wolf is for greatness, and being the judgemental and controlling family they are, they don’t want anyone they see as “unfit” for such a name to claim one. This makes longer names quite rare. If a wolf starts with two names and ends up doing something great in their life, they may change their name to something more unique and longer, however.

— Shepherd is born to a small family pack residing in a larger pack, The Vertok. His father is Heretic “Blood”, his mother is Eternal “Rest”, the caretaker of his litter was an older brother, Bat “Country”, and his littermates were Fallen and Eclipse.
— Shepherd is quickly ruled out as unfit for the family. He wasn’t distinguished enough, and so his parents pushed him away, excluding him from the family den, feasts, and bashing him whenever he did something wrong.
— Shepherd took to thievery at a young age, for both survival and the fun of it. Soon enough, the entire pack starts to hate him. Except for two boys around his age, though, who ended up being his friends despite the amount of trouble he dragged them into.
— As he got older, his parents started introducing their beliefs to the litter more and more, and continued berating Shep all the while.
— On their first birthday, Shepherd, Fallen, and Eclipse were guided into the mountain outside of Vertok territory, where their first ritual was held. This was a naming ritual, the most important night of a Divine’s life. He had never really believed in their religion, but it certainly was the most important for Shepherd. While his siblings both gained their titles, when it was Shepherd’s turn to step forth, his mother merely sneered down at him and spoke his name - his birth name, and nothing else. Because she believed him unworthy of their divinity, she declared he would have no title at all. That was the night that Shepherd snapped, deciding exactly who he would be and what he would do. He destroyed the ceremonial site, and despite his parents' demands, he called to whatever gods they believed in and proclaimed his own title, he would be the Shepherd “of Fire”, a name blasphemous to claim as his own against the family head. To say the least, his family would be stunned as he calls himself a god above them all, and that he would show them of his worth, and rise above them all, in spite of their names.
— After that, Shepherd left the Vertok to join a pack more suiting to his style, where sparring for ranks and survival was an everyday custom. Betraying his childhood friends and leaving them behind, he began training as a fighter, rising in ranks and beating his opponents down over the next year.
— He could have sworn he was fighting a particular rival in the Sanzin along the coastline when he was thrown over the rocky cliffs… is that how he got to Canis? Was he dead? Did the white beaches of Sanzin swallow him up and spit him out into this new world? He has no idea, perhaps he’ll never know.

 Shepherd doesn't remember much of his past since coming to Canis, however that happened... though he can remember bits and pieces, for now, he'll likely forget as he spends more and more time in these strange lands. He knows that the Divine name leaves a bitter taste on his tongue, though he can't exactly remember why, and he doesn't recall declaring himself as 'the shepherd of fire' for simplicities sake.

One thing i learned, is you can watch it all burn
but the flame ain't ever done


Father: Heretic "Blood"
Mother: Eternal "Rest"
Siblings: Bat "Country", Fallen, Eclipse

Mate: None
Offspring: None

Pack History

Previous to Canis...
 pawn (birth - 2020)
 six of diamonds (2020 - 2022)

In Canis...
 (2022 - current)



Fun Facts

Shepherd is meant to be a villain character - his thoughts, actions, and words do not always align with my own morals. He is a 3-2-3 character, so although he won't be interested in any graphically sexual plots, he will use heavy language and take part in plots with excessive gore.
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